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Sustainable men’s accessories that won’t cost the earth

There’s little point taking the time to up the eco credentials of your outfit if you’re going to plump for the same old unsustainable accessories, but gents. There is another way. 

Accessories might not be the right word for what we are talking about today because we’re focussing on the essentials. All those little day-to-day must-haves that make your life easier and your look more polished. Naturally, we assume you’ll already be enjoying one of our Apple Watch straps or card holders, but what else should you be adding to your daily ensembles and who can you trust to create the most beautiful and sustainable versions?


From chains to ear studs, rings and everything else in between, the hardware you add to your outfit can make or break it, but it shouldn’t have any ethical issues attached to it. Mejuri is an incredible company that utilises the small batch methodology perfectly. Releasing limited quantities of designs every Monday, it seeks to make fine jewellery an everyday accessory by removing outlandish mark-ups and using recycled or responsibly mined materials that are traceable. The chic neck chains are a particular favourite.

Water bottles

If you’re not thinking of a stylish, eco-friendly water bottle as an accessory yet, now is the time to start. It’s no secret that plastic containers are one of the biggest contributors to landfill waste and with so many new designs making topping up a stylish pleasure, why would you even consider ruining a great look with some single-use plastic? Klean Kanteen is up there with the most sustainable options on the market and an enormous selection too. Whether you want a water bottle to keep your refreshment cold or an insulated cup for maximising your chances of a hot coffee, there’s something up to the task.

Phone cases

Mobile phones are an everyday essential now and while tech companies try to make them increasingly aesthetically appealing, you can’t deny that they often fall a little short of the mark. That’s when a stylish and protective case needs to be employed. Plastic is a no-go for the conscious man, obviously, so what are the more sustainable materials being utilised? Pela is a company founded on a passionate belief that a waste-free future is possible and produces compostable phone cases made from bioplastics. This is tech-savvy stuff with protection serving a dual meaning.


There was a time when a man carried a couple of necessary things with him, but the days of wallet and keys-only have long passed. Now, we need to haul our office with us, our water bottles and more tech than we ever expected to, which is why it’s time to stop resisting the call of a bag. It’s 2021 guys, so it doesn’t matter if you like the lines of a duffel, a briefcase, a weekender, a backpack or a shoulder tote best, just make sure you invest in one. A sustainable one. Steele & Borough have been a favourite of ours for a while now, because they nod to high-end designer bags and give them an ethical twist. Non-animal leathers, machine washable fabrics and PETA certification are just some of the key selling points here, but the founders’ ethics are what will tip you over from potential to confirmed customer.


When it comes to sunglasses it’s easy to forget that most are made of plastic and often in labour-intensive production facilities, but you can wear your environmental concern on your face. Dresden takes all the guesswork out of buying sustainable sunglasses that can be prescription specific, but without incurring gargantuan costs. Simple styles that need no special tools to maintain allow you to customise your sunnies, swapping arms and lenses between pairs, meaning you need to buy less. That being said, they have been priced with everyday glasses wearers in mind, so it won’t sting too much if they get damaged.


This is a big one, but in terms of sustainable accessories, few things beat a custom steel bicycle for cool points or earth-friendly transportation. August Bicycles is a UK-based vegan framebuilding workshop specialising in one-off bikes for a select client base. There’s something of an audition process to have them agree to your build but what you get in return is a fully bespoke made-to-measure bicycle with intricate details, clever engineering and sustainability all included. Water-based paints, animal product-free finishing tapes and a carbon-offset workshop all come as standard. 

Wearing sustainable clothing is one thing but remembering to apply your ethics to your ensemble’s finishing touches? That’s next level and won’t ever go out of style.